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Photo editing/retouching is an art.  It takes years to learn and perfect.  The ability to take a photo and perfect it and still have it look natural is not easy.  These are not Instagram filters we are playing with.  Photo editing is a very hands-on and tedious process.  Above you can see various before and after images that look very natural.  It's always your choice to retouch an image or not to.  We want your headshot to LOOK LIKE YOU.  In my opinion, a little retouching can go a long way if done well.  My objective is to take away anything that may be distracting or may be temporary, such as acne, cuts or bruises, bloodshot eyes, etc... or to add in missing teeth that will be coming in shortly thus increasing the longevity of the headshot.   

Basic Editing:  $35.00 - $75.00 per image (depending on number of people in the photo).

Includes light and color correction, skin polishing, removal of stray hairs and blemishes, softening of facial lines and wrinkles, eye enhancement if needed and removal of distracting objects.  

Advanced Editing:  Quoted on a case by case basis:

This includes anything that is difficult, time-consuming or special request such as removal of braces, adding teeth, adding or removing make-up, body slimming, changing clothing color, changing the hair or the eye color, removal of earrings, jewelry or hair accessories.  Some of this may not be able to be done successfully and I will not take on anything I don't think will have less than a great outcome whether it's an image I took or it's from another photographer.

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