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Hair & Make-Up


Please come as camera ready as possible.

Your hair and make-up (if applicable) should be done and ready to go.




Your FACE and most importantly, your EYES are the most important point of focus in your headshots.


Bangs must be trimmed so that they are not in your eyes.  If you are growing them out or they are hanging in your face I will use my hairstylist's talents to pull them out of your face.


Your hair should be clean and dry and styled as though you were going to an audition. These are headshots, NOT pageant pictures.  YOU need to look like YOU.  


Before I became a photographer I was a professional hairdresser for almost 20 years. I am very hands on with the hair while we are shooting. I am available and happy to help with minor hairstyle changes if needed.  I have an entire suitcase of hair products and headshot-friendly accessories with me at all times.


Naturally curly hair should be left curly unless otherwise discussed.  





I recommend that clients do their own hair and make-up.  Again, we want you to look like YOU!  


Women:  It is best to keep your make-up light and natural.  Bring your own make-up with you for touch ups, add ons and/or changes.   If you absolutely have no make-up skills and feel like a make-up artist is in order let's talk about it and see if we can get you set up with someone to help you.


Men:  I do not suggest that men wear make-up.  The cameras are so high resolution now that you can see everything. You will be able to see the make-up, I will end up having to fix it in post and then you'll look overly retouched.  Please limit your make-up to lip balm and let me worry about the rest.


Kids:  NO MAKE-UP on kids under 13.  Lip balm only.  Stay on top of those lips!


To see some of my before and afters CLICK HERE


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