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Custom headshot setup (matte, frame, and name) is available and will be ready and put in your Dropbox folder the same day.  

Coordinating border and text is tastefully and creatively done to make your printed headshots stand out.  While a vast majority of submissions and viewing of headshots is now online the hard copy is still used and when it is... it really needs to set itself apart.  


Headshot setups start at $35.00 

The Headshot submission card (2-3 images) starts at $50.00 (this is mostly for submitting to agencies and talent managers for representation.  

You will get both the high-resolution printable version and the med/low-resolution version of all images for uploading to agency submissions forms and emailing.

HS Setup Sample 2.jpg
HS Vingette Sample 4.jpg
HS Setup Sample 1.jpg
HS Sample 3.jpg
Sample HS Card 1.jpg
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